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hair extensions

Posted on January 21, 2013 at 4:50 PM
If your thinking of getting hair extensions here are a few good tips.
I got them in my hair about 2 months ago. I have very fine hair shoulder length . I have always want long thick hair . maybe that's why I became a hair stylist . 
First know that it is going to be more work then the hair you have now. It takes longer to wash, comb and style then your own hair. I did not think about that part , I was just so excited to be getting the hair I always dreamed of.
Next don't cheap out on the hair! Buy good hair, the cheap stuff doesn't last and it will be a lot more work. When they get the hair in at the suppler it takes more time to determined what way the cortex  goes on the hair so some of it they just strip it off , thats the cheap hair. Better quality hair has the cortex still in place and it is going the right way. The cortex is the outer layer of the hair. This hair is more manageable and requires less styling. I got cheap hair , I have to curl or flatiron every day. I used to take 10minutes to do my hair , now it takes 30 minutes. But I have longer fuller hair , it looks great .
Lastly , sleep with your hair in a pony tail. it will keep it from matting , less tangles the better. The more you have to pull and tug on  knots the more extensions you will pull out.

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